Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashion - Lady Gaga

Ugh, what a retardly busy week. I made it safe and sound to New York (that's the hopefully-new-post-doc-city, it's definitely shorter to write New York - and i don't think anyone can deduce my identity just because I wrote New York). My presentation went smoothly and I met up with every single person in the lab for about half-an-hour and they told me about their projects and stuff. Everyone seemed very happy and everyone seem to get along well. It was almost like a dream lab full of happiness and calm. It also seemed a little stretched, I mean there can't be a perfect lab filled with happiness and calm. The lab had about 7 girls and 2 boys. There must be at least one girl hating the others secretly, that's what girls do as far as I know (girls and gays). But I'm content. My acceptance into the lab was contingent upon new funding and we will have to wait for that.

I also met with another lab head in another school in a different field than mine. The guy is huge in his field and the project they have is very very potent (it could be turned into a potential cure for one of the nastiest diseases that affect women) and I'm very excited that I could be a part of it. Our planed half-an-hour meeting turned into a three hour meeting with the PI telling me that I could very well join his lab without waiting for new funding (he had like three spots by the time I graduate) and there is more potential funding on the way. I left the meeting with a huge grin in my face since that meant I had two potential job offers and I could choose which one I wanted more. This is of course a much better picture than me praying every night for a miracle (and I can't pray well).

The rest of the trip was awesome. I had a great time meeting up with old friends and just hanging out with them. The highlight of the trip (besides the perfect interviews) was the brunch we had at Calle Ocho.

This place had the best spanish breakfast items together with an open sangria bar - needless to say unlimited and free!!

They had 8 different kinds of sangria, each tasting better than the previous one.

My favorite was the tropicana with lychee and pineapples and white wine.

If you ever happen to stumble upon in New York and looking for a brunch place, you should definitely give this a try!

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  1. Everyone seemed very happy and everyone seem to get along well. It was almost like a dream lab full of happiness and calm.

    Haha - I've thought this about every single place I've worked over the course of my life (I'm talking like >30 jobs) and this NEVER happens!

    On the bright side, I'm glad to hear that the trip went well and that you have options.