Saturday, March 28, 2009

jinxing myself?

Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have publicized my interview next week:)

Now, I'm not the one to believe in a lot of superstitious stuff (maybe one or two and they're just a habit now) but i don't know how to explain the sudden death in the family of hopefully-soon-to-be-new-boss (hsbnb). She emailed me and said she wouldn't be there but her lab would be more than happy to listen to me, accommodate me and report back to her (which means i need to get along perfectly well with the lab people, especially the senior ones).

Of course, this is a very sad situation but I am really bumped that she won't be there. I was really looking forward to present my research to her! Anyways, I told her I would be happy to give my presentation to her lab people as I think this is most sensible thing to do. I also told her that we could arrange something in the future between us if we need to.


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